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Based out of Cincinatti, OH, Rasor is a team of Communicators, Strategists, and Creatives - and have been a client of Catchdrive for 5+ Years. As  a partner agency, they've allowed us the opportunity to be their technology-arm.

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A few quick words with Rasor

What words would you use to describe your relationship with Catchdrive?

Strategically Digital has been a long-term partner of ours, providing hosting and backup solutions for a number of our client websites, as well as website development work.

What problems did/has Catchdrive solved for you? 

The Strategically Digital team has experience with a wide range of platforms and systems. As a result, they've been able to troubleshoot for clients working in legacy systems and help transition those sites into more modern design and functionality. They have been lifesavers in those situations!

What value has Catchdrive brought to rasor?

We’ve always found their pricing to be fair; because of their years of experience, they are typically able to work through development processes at a good pace. We try to work with them to schedule projects in advance as much as possible, but they’ve also been flexible to help us when urgent needs arise.

Why would you suggest others work with us?

In my experience, it’s rare to find a digital team with strong communications skills. They’re able to understand client needs and speak in lay terms about how to address them effectively. This skill makes their team very accessible and easy to work with.

They're good people.