The Maumee Area of Concern (MAAC) works as an advisory committee to Ohio EPA, identifying actions to improve fishable, swimmable and drinkable waters within the AOC. This ongoing collaboration of partners is supported by the MAAC’s facilitating organization, and our founding client, Partners for Clean Streams (PCS).

A Taste of Our Work for MAAC:

Services Provided


WEB Development

custom data solutions


maintenance & support

A few quick words with

What words would you use to describe your relationship with Catchdrive?

Long and consistent.

What problems did/has Catchdrive solved for you? 

Modernizing a website (several times), moving to a more common website software, less content with more impact, more visual.

They taught our staff to use and update multiple sites, combined with an eNewsletter and better integration - leading to a digital presence for all aspects of our outreach and programming - and just in their initial work, it sparked a tripling of  site traffic in less than one year

Why would you suggest others work with us?

They take the time to understand the organization and what needs to be tailored to this org; not a cookie cutter website, but one customized for this organization, training & teaching staff and responsive to pop up challenges; their support doesn't end once the website launches.

And stop throwing your junk into rivers already.